Wise Owls Day Nursery, Maidenhead

Wise Owls provides outstanding Day Nursery care for 8 weeks to 5 years old

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Day Nursery Price List

Please check availability before registering your child online. £100 deposit and a £50 registration fee will be required. Deposits will be refunded if we cannot accept your child. These payments will be required during your booking process via BAC with a reference using your child initial, surname followed by MHDN for example John Smith = JSmithMHDN. Please use this reference then for all payments.

Fees are apportioned monthly and are due and payable by standing order on the first day of the calendar month. Below is a rough guide to the daily costs but your exact monthly payment will depend on your own requirements. That figure will be provided to you during the booking process or from the nursery on request.

Full day

7.45am – 6.15pm

Under 2 years old


2 – 3 years


Over 3 years old


Half days


Morning 7.45am – 1 pm

Afternoon 1.00-6.15pm

Under 2 years old



2-3 years old



Over 3 years old




15 hour funding for 2 years

Requirements: 2 full days or 2 half days must be booked

2 Full days £24.05 per day half day sessions £20.35 per session

15 hours funding for 3 years

Requirements: 2 full days or 5 half days must be booked

Full day £40.40 per day

Or less

Half day session £20.00 per day

30 hours funding for 3 years

Requirements: minimum of 3 full days must be booked

3 full days £17.00 per day

4 full days £25.25 per day

5 full days £30.30 per day

If your child turns 3 before January, April or September you will receive a discount based on us collecting 15- or 30-hours funding. For this to take place you will need to complete a form at the nursery and return it to us before these key dates.

If you are eligible to receive 30-hour funding you will need to provide the nursery with your code and NI number. You will receive an email through our system and will have to complete the task in your portal. You will need to do 3 month checks with HMRC to ensure you are still eligible if you become uneligible for funding your fee scale will change and any months unclaimed will be required. You are able to use the 30-hour funding if you attend the nursery 3 – 5 full days per week.

15 and 30 hour funding prices are for us to claim all your funding if you wish to use funding in another nursery also please email the office to ask about your calculated fees.

To cancel a permanent booked session, we require 1 full months’ notice in writing to the nursery.

Our fees are reviewed each September and we will inform you in July of our new prices.

If you would like a funded only session please contact the office, we will provide you with a form and you can join a waiting list to obtain this once one becomes available.